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Your health and wellbeing is important to us. At Gateway Village we strive to provide the best facilities and programs to ensure your time at the village is happy one. Simple actions such as organisational affiliation can make a big difference – and ESS is committed to assisting our residents to reduce stress and anxiety and support the overall wellbeing of our people.



Onsite services and facilities have an important role to play in supporting workers’ physical and mental wellbeing as well as their fitness for work.

To facilitate increased mental health awareness for remote workers and provide a value added service to our clients, we are now affiliated with beyondblue.

We provide opportunities for residents and local communities to access beyondblue training and services via facilitated workshops in regional areas.

beyondblue has been conducting education workshops with ESS management and our health and safety teams. The workshops help managers and employees to:

  • increase awareness and understanding of depression and anxiety in the workplace
  • decrease stigma by improving attitudes towards people who experience depression and anxiety
  • improve skills to recognise the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and be confident to assist a colleague or employee who may be experiencing these conditions


In addition to promoting accessibility to beyondblue programs and services, we work with our clients to deliver social and community activities that encourage positive mental health, being active, having a sense of belonging, and having a purpose. We have forged another alliance with Act-Belong-Commit and also have also enhanced our Tastelife program via the addition of a new stream – Leisurelife. Supported by the ‘Activities Calendar’ and ‘The reason we stay safe at work’, our program focus in this area encourages individuals to take action, to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing and engender a sense of community.

As outlined within Price Waterhouse Coopers March 2014 return on investment (ROI) analysis, businesses who implement actions to support a mentally healthy work place can expect both a more positive workplace culture with an average ROI of 2.3, via improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower compensation claims.


We know that preventative action is required to keep our bodies healthy, but is also just as important to protect and promote mental health.

Almost one in five Australians will experience a mental health problem each year. The most common forms of mental illness are depression and anxiety. Mental health problems can lead to relationship difficulties, financial hardship and troubles at work, and can increase the risk of physical health problems such as heart disease. Alarmingly, mental health problems are on the rise in Australia and worldwide.

Living in an isolated area, away from family support networks for extended periods of time can pose significant risks for people’s mental health. In order to mitigate this risk, ESS has joined forces with Mentally Healthy WA to deliver their evidence based positive mental health promotion program, Act-Belong-Commit. Act-Belong-Commit encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing by following three simple principles – Act- Belong-Commit.


Tastelife is an end-to-end health and wellbeing solution. The program comprises four modules that can be implemented individually or as a holistic suite of services; Activelife, Healthylife, Leisurelife and Nutritiouslife.

These four modules combine extremely well in remote or isolated village or accommodation locations in promoting an active, healthy and happy group of people onsite.




Activelife promotes the achievement and maintenanceof good physical health through fitness coaching, injury prevention, sport, recreation and education. Activelife is currently operating in more than 38 sites nationally with over 108 qualified coaches(ALCs) running group exercise classes, doing personal health assessments, intervention programs and providing overall nutrition and wellbeing advice..

Healthylife has been established to provide maximum flexibility in the corporate workplace. Whether an early morning boot camp, a health check of employees during the lunch break or an after work Weight Loss Challenge or Nutritional Guidance information session, our Healthylife program can be as simple as one module or a suite of services

Our onsite coordinators love hosting a great event. They organise, promote and implement a wide range of activities that are tailored to each site. The Leisurelife program aims to bring small or larger groups of people together to have some fun and enjoyment in a corporate or village environment.

Nutritiouslife focuses on moderation and variety. The program provides options and education to help people make the right food choices. Supported by a team of seven qualified dietitians and nutritionists nationally who work with our culinary teams, Nutritiouslife is currently operating in more than 400 sites.